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Delivering on our promises

Integrity, expertise and clear communication underpin our approach to claims. Our experienced team is here to help resolve even the most complex reinsurance claims issues.

By your side

We take a collaborative approach to claims, working in close partnership with our clients and their brokers and providing support throughout the process.

Our approach

When you buy reinsurance, you are buying a promise to pay. We take that very seriously and always seek to stand by our promises. We don’t look to find fault or avoid our responsibilities; we strive to deliver when our clients need it most.

Strong customer relationships founded on open, constructive dialogue are central to what we do. Regular communication ensures there are no surprises, especially if there are issues with a claim. If we have any concerns, we flag them early on and explain our thinking.

We understand that being paid quickly is vitally important to you, so when you submit a claim we aim to reimburse you promptly, with a minimum of fuss. To help us do that, we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible early in the process – before you even have to pay a claim.

Many of our claims experts have more than 20 years’ experience and they are empowered to make decisions, which allows them to provide an efficient, streamlined service. Our Claims team spans our London, Dublin, Brussels and New York offices and works closely with our Underwriting team.

Your contact

Your contact

David Shears

David Shears

Head of Claims